Yes, we are alive. Tell Braca we said sweet, that’s good news. In a nutshell we are alive, high in the alps and in a tiny town called Mittenwald. We have been in Germany, then to Austria, to Italy, befriended two French Canadians that had a car and have driven and hiked with us all through the Dolomites. We have since been back to Austria and have finally found an internet cafe in Germany. Funny that we had to travel through three countries and then back again to find the internet. We feel like we are on the episode of South Park. The place we are staying in italy is beautiful and we will write more later. running out of time… we are alive. stay tuned

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  1. PV says:

    LOL! Glad you're alive – don't need to upset anyone, especially KZ. And slow down a bit so you can stop and smell the roses, huh? Gosh! By the way, did you get into the health care conversation with the Canadians? 🙂
    Braca said check your doc e-mail address.


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