Good evening from Prague, Czech Republic

Well, after seven hours of train travel, starting in Maria Alm, Austria and one detour with a bus ride due to train track renovation we find ourselves tonight writing from our hotel in Prague, Czech Republic. It was a little crazy getting here, but we made it. We just had dinner in the Old Town Square after taking in a few of the amazing sites. Snapping a few pics which we hope to share later we marveled at the gothic/medievel architecture of Prague. On the way back to the hotel we had an interesting experience. While waiting underground for the metro we had what we a.k.a. Cierra thought was our first encounter with a gypsie in disguise. The gentleman approached us and whipped out a badge. Cierra exclaimed “No thank you, we don’t want any!” (in German) and my fatherly instincts took over (I was about to beat somebody down and gave the guy the death look). I think he knew we meant business because he let us know…in English very fast that he was the ticket police and checking to make sure we had validated tickets for the ride. We couldn’t help but share a laugh with him and our situation. We had been on edge a little bit today and the ticket cop felt the brunt force of the Weatherly Travel Express! We will fill you in on the crazy adventures we had yesterday with a bunch of Austrians and Germans drinking in some guys backyard at his farm….some other time. It was, well crazy as you can imagine. We are well, no worries moms….our travels will commence again tomorrow as we see more of Prague and then head off to Vienna, Austria.

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  1. PV says:

    I see a baby ball! Hi little cutie patootie! I bet you can't wait to get out, grow up and see and do all the things your Momma and Daddy are seeing and doing. You can set up your own blog and tell of the adventures of the day. And you'll know that your Momma and Daddy have nothing to worry about because you're there, and you've got everything under control – you and the local uniformed finest whom you befriend along the way. Well, I gotta go to bed now little one. Tomorrow brings SWAT databases and HEDIS databases and Stroke databases, oh my! Take good care of your parents for all of us, because we love them sooooooooo much!!!!!! You too, sweet baby!!!!!


  2. CANATV says:

    Its great waking up and being able to read your blog.The pics are beautiful.We shared them with
    Poppy and G-ma last night.Your both look super.Cierra is getting that Mommy Glow now.Beautiful!!! I must say. Cant wait to see you when you get home..we made a few improvements and donations to the cabins..light bulbs,batteries,deck chairs, GOOD trays.thats all so dont worry,Nothing missing.
    Enjoyed ourselves,,,love and miss ya.
    MOM and Chuck


  3. Tom says:

    Souds like a wonderful trip! The photos a magnificent!


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