Guten Morgen from Vienna, Austria

Good morning! Mike and I wanted to let you know that we enjoy reading the posts from you all! Mom-glad you and Chuck had a good time in the mountains and thanks for all the new additions! PV-the baby very well may start his-her own blog sometime soon with all the craziness we are going through! Terri-thanks for keeping in touch and giving us helpful tips along the way and Tom it was good hearing from you too! What was the place that you and your family stay at in Tuscany? Ok. Back to business. We found a great hostel last night here in Austria thanks to We got in late so we did not really do much but crash. This morning we are going to grab some breakfast and explore Vienna. We will be here for one more night ( we just recently made that decision ) and will head out to Budapest tomorrow and then go back to Maria Alm afterwards tomorrow evening. From there, Venice!!!!! We will right more later!

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  1. PV says:

    What, is the camera broken? We want more pictures! Have fun in Budapest today. It's raining here. Oh, yeah, and it's THURSDAY. WEDNESDAY was sunny and warm. There must be a shift in the electro-magnetic field causing a schedule change. Regardless, I heard the clientel at the water hole was in rare form. Braca can fill you in on his new club association 🙂


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