Prague Bound!

Prague Bound!

We started the day with getting up before the sun so that we could head to the Czech Republic and we knew we were in for a long day on the train. Along the way we switched trains at the border from Austria to Czech. The train station that this switch occurred was in the middle of nowhere. We waited about 20 minutes before an old, rickety train bumbled up the track and stopped in front of the station. Not being able to speak the language-I naturally was a little worried where Mike was just fine. We hopped on the train and continued on our way when the train’s ticket checker came by and asked these young girls if they could translate for us. Luckily one of the girls could speak some English and told us that we had to get off the train because it doesn’t go all the way to Prague. I started to freak out a little because we have no way to communicate to the people on the train except for this girl who was getting off on the next stop. To sum it up, we got off at a station because they were working on the rail line-hopped on a bus that took us to another station-and then continued on our way to Prague. Situations like this would normally not get to me but with my heightened new motherly to be instincts kicking in-all I could think about was the movie Hostel ( which I have not seen but have heard about and will NOT see ever because I know it will freak me out ! ). We arrived safely around four in the afternoon and took a cab to our hotel which was in a great location in regards to the city center. We quickly mastered the underground metro that evening and after unpacking, headed straight for the old town square for dinner. The old town center was beautiful with cobblestone streets, fountains, horse drawn carriages, old gothic style buildings and a castle. We walked around for about an hour before we settled in at a little café in the old city center with a view of the church and the old town hall. We met some friendly Americans on the metro over and they highly recommended the Budweiser Budvar beer. ( I will explain a quick history lesson on the battle of the beers…The American version of Budweiser was first bottled under its name in 1876 while the Czech Budweiser was first bottled under the same name in 1895, however, the Czech Budweiser beer had been brewed in Budejovice, Czech since the 14th century. The two have been in court battles since and in 1939 the Czech Budweiser was banned in the US as it is in much of the world-except in the Czech Rep., and the U.K. ( they sell both Budweisers ).
So anyways, Mike heard from the Americans how good the beer was so he had to order it and it was, in fact, better in his opinion than our American Budweiser. After dinner we walked around a little more and headed back to our hotel. We had a full day to conquer Prague and needed all the rest we could get.

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