Moving North

Good morning! Today is our last day here at Il Canto Del Sole. We had a nice relaxing day yesterday by the pool and finally got some sun! Laura and Luciano made a wonderful dinner for all the guests last night and it was absolutely delicious. We ended up not being able to take a cooking class due to the fact that the only one available was an hour and a half away and would cost us over $350 euros-no way. Instead, we got to watch Laura prepare the dinner for last night and learned a few Tuscan secrets along the way.

Today we will be heading North. Our main goal is to get to Milan. From there, we will see how long it will take to get us back into Switzerland-either Zurich or Lucerne. Then we will go on to Germany. We will blog more later when we have more time. And moms-we should be able to call you in the next few days. For some reason our calling card does not work in Italy.


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