Rothenburg, Germany

Hey everyone. We are in the coolest place right now, Rothenburg, Germany, a medieval 12th century town. Cierra is in heaven because we just walked through the biggest Christmas market in the world apparently! We picked up a few things and are now heading out to dinner before we meet up with the nightwatchman, a historic guide that gives you the dark ghostly tour of the town. We’ll try to write more later when we have more time and post pics from Milan, Italy and Luzern, Switzerland.

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  1. PV says:

    You guys are so very very loved! Anyone else getting stuck in a train station with dumpster-diving-dude at midnight would be robbed. Anyone else doing the Spiderman crawl across the cliffs would go airborne and get flattened. But who else would jump right in and help a family with their daily chores? You guys! How awesome! Can't wait to see you when you get back. Love, PV


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