We stepped off the train in Rothenburg without a reservation or an idea of where to go. We were approached by a sweet, old German woman who said she had a free room in the oldest part of Rothenburg. We totally lucked out with this place-not only was it a room but it was a full apartment with kitchen, bathroom, and living room on the 4th floor of a house built in the 1400’s AND it was only $46/night! It was really nice and literally around the corner from the market place. We dropped off our stuff and ran out to the Christmas Markets. I must say that Mike was such a good husband for dealing with my craziness when it comes to Christmas, especially in a Christmas Market!!!! We got a few things from the market, explored the town, had dinner, then waited for the Night Watchman at 8pm in the market square. This was a really great tour with this guy dressed up in medieval night watchman gear-lantern in hand along with his cloak, hat, and hell bar. We toured the city and crashed. We had to get ready for OKTOBERFEST the next day.


We woke up and took the train to Munich. I had my day in the Christmas Market and this day, Mike would have his. We went to the Lowenbrau tent and grabbed lunch and he had a few beers, of course. We walked around took photos of the horse drawn beer carriages, beer haus’, etc. Needless to say Mike was in Heaven. We headed back that evening and had dinner in HELL. Well, actually it is HOLL but pronounced HELL. It is the towns oldest tavern ( in Rothenburg ) and while having dinner we got a visit from the Night Watchman. We were like 2 big kids grinning at him as he came in, had a glass of wine, and walked out-and yes, he was in full gear!


Today-we got up and headed to Heidelburg, Germany. We found a nice little hotel and hit the old town towards the castle. It was too late in the evening to go inside the castle so we decided to save that adventure for tomorrow. Instead we took it easy and checked out the town. Along the way Mike spotted an Irish Pub and quickly bee lined to the bar and ordered a Guiness. We had an early dinner and found out that it was the 250th anniversary for Guiness and that the pub was going to have live Irish music later on. We ended up coming back to the bar a bit later and hearing the band play and of course, Mike got to have 2 more beers.

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