Cologne, Germany

The church was so big there was no way you could capture all of it in one shot. We had to do a panoramic for when we got back home to stitch together. The cathedral was amazing!

Seeing the cathedral was amazing..of course we were wondering why all the security? We knew the country elections were that day but there seemed to be a lot of police around the church itself. Then we actually got on the train and saw this on the front page of the paper. Apparently the Taliban was threatening to blow up the church the very same day we were there. Information that clearly would have been useful…yesterday!!!!!! But hey we managed and are still alive, and the church and city were beautiful, a nice end to our trip.

One last German meal…mmmmm….mmmmm……delecious!

What was to be the last beer (a Kolsch, Cologne Specialty) in Europe for us…well on this trip anyway!

With but one day left on the train pass we decided not to waste it, hopping the quick line to Koln (Cologne), Germany. The Lindt Chocolate Factory was there along with the largest Church in Germany (and 3rd largest in Europe). Here’s a pic of Cierra with the Lindt man…and chocolate of course!

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