Eurotrip III Epilogue

Although we got back to the states in early October 2009 here we are in nearly April of 2010 writing an epilogue for the Eurotrip III Vacation. We have been trying to sit down for well….about six months now. It seemed like something was always ‘coming up’ or that something was ‘always going on’. We just couldn’t find a way to get those last few pics from the camera to the computer to the blog. Or we just didn’t have enough time, or maybe we just didn’t know how to really tie up the last few cities, castles, beers, food, and friendly faces with words.

After quite some time now I think we have come to the realization that the truth is…we never really wanted the trip to come to an end. By posting pictures and giving a few final thoughts meant that we were actually saying arrivederci to the vacation. To put a conclusion on this chapter of the blog meant that we had to admit it had actually come to an end. Although our bodies had arrived back in the U.S. our hearts had remained in Europe. Not a day goes by that we don’t think and talk about the many wonderful memories that we have from our trips to Europe.

Luckily, this year we were able to bring back a piece of Europe with us. On February 2, 2010 we welcomed Sienna Soleil Weatherly 8 lbs. 11.6 oz. to the Weatherly Family. After our first Family trip this weekend to the mountain house in Wintergreen we decided it was finally time to close the chapter on Europe……for the time being anyway…and open a new one with the newest love of our life, our beautiful baby girl!

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