St. Maarten…Day 1-2

Well, we made it, barely! After getting shuffled from one plane to another terminal to a third gate we finally were on our way to Philly where it was snowing! Since we were delayed so many times we had to literally sprint through the airport since our plane for St. Maarten was calling for the final boarding. Mike ran ahead with the stroller, loaded back pack, and car seat in tow while I tried to jog/waddle with Sienna, two sippy cups, and pinky. Our hopes were that if he got there first, they would hold the plane. Poor Sienna was looking at mommy like she was crazy! I am sure she wasn’t the only one looking at me that way. By the grace of God an airport taxi cart was beeping past people in the airport. I through myself in front of the cart and asked if they could take me to our gate. I am SOOOOOOOOOO glad I did because I literally had a quarter of a mile to go! I kept thinking that we would pass Mike on the way but he was running up to the gate as we were pulling up. I jumped off the taxi cart and we darted for the gate…..This snow wasn’t going to keep us from going to St. Maarten!

Sienna did very well on the plane and we arrived safely, found our rental car, and headed for our first destination: Divi Little Bay Resort. We made it there with relative ease, dropped off our luggage, and headed for the pool. Mike and Sienna got to splash around and play and afterwards went to the beach and walked around and played in the surf. We had dinner at this little restaurant called Gizmo’s that featured Gizmo himself, a parrot, and watched the sun set. That night Sienna, Mom, and Dad were in bed before 8:30pm…My how times have changed.


We got up early and had breakfast. Sienna got to take a few photos of Gizmo, the talking parrot, before we headed back to the room. The room we had was amazing and right on the beach. It was nice waking up and seeing the turquoise blue water just a few steps from your door! Since we were leaving today and heading to Oyster Bay Beach Resort for the week, we decided to get an early start. We packed up the car and headed out for the day’s adventures. We found our new home for the week with relative ease but the rooms would not be ready until 2pm. We decided to make it a pool day. Sienna played with mom and dad in the pool all day. She had her own little float and was a big ham as usual. We got groceries and headed back. Sienna did not have a nap all day and was deliriously tired. It took an act of God to get her to go to bed but thankfully she finally did. We don’t have a planned itinerary but know that we would like to go to a few local islands that can be reached by ferry, check out some forts, go to the butterfly farm and maybe get some snorkeling in.

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