The Zoo and more!

The Zoo!

Sienna had a blast at the zoo and got to see all kinds of monkeys, parrots, an ostrich, and more! She got to throw some peanuts to them and watch them eat. We had to pick it up towards the end due to the intense heat of the day but all in all it was a success. Afterwards our little local celebrity toured the beach and played in the water and the sand and followed up with her afternoon dunk in the pool. She waves to everyone as she floats by and is eating up all the attention. She gets so excited when she is at the beach that she squeals with laughter and runs and we have to keep up with her to make sure the shore break doesn’t wash her feet out from under her. She loves to pick up icky seaweed and was digging and rolling in the sand. We totally have a beach bunny on our hands! Swimming lessons are in order!

Tuesday: Marigot

We decided to check out the French side of the island and visit the town of Marigot. The drive was not too bad and we found a decent parking space by the Marina. We grabbed some lunch, snapped some pics of the fort, and headed back because it was just too hot. One can only look at so many tourist markets. We headed back for little Miss Sienna’s afternoon dip in the pool.

Wednesday: Butterfly Farm; A little Exploring; Beach and Pool

Sienna loved the butterfly farm and was intrigued by our tour guides British accent. We got a lot of great photos and then stopped by a natural outlook and got some great photos of the bay. Sienna gets so excited when she sees the beach so we took her to the beach to play and she had a blast. Once again, she ran up and down the beach, picking up seaweed, and squeeling with laughter! She is even starting to log roll in the sand. This little girl is fearless! We love it! We took her to the pool to rinse the salt off of her and play some more. The poor thing was so tired that she layed her head down on her float to take a nap. She waves at everyone sees and is known as the ” cute baby in the pink hat “. We can’t tell you how many people see us walking around and say ” Look, that is the cute baby from the pool/beach “. We had dinner out at a place right by our room on the resort tonight. THANK GOD! It is hard taking her out since she is doing this new screaming thing when she does not get her way….She apparently likes calamari and ate almost all of the appetizer herself! She also likes mommy’s virgin strawberry daquiri’s! Tomorrow we are thinking of taking a ferry to the island of Pinel.

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