Thursday, Exploring Pinel

The day started off with Mike getting chased by a random dog who nipped at him on the beach during his early morning run. After that we decided to get our day started and drive over to the French side and explore the island of Pinel. The island was only a short 15 minute ferry boat ride away and cost $7/person. They must have packed on 50 of us onto a 20 foot flat bottomed skiff before they shuttled us over to the island. The water on the back side of the island was crystal clear and the beach was nice and sandy. We found a chair and umbrella and quickly got Sienna and her float into the water. To our suprise, we noticed that some of the people where topless. Needless to say it made the trip a bit interesting….Sienna started to get a red inflammed area around her left eye so we took her out of the water and put her in the shade. We poured fresh water over her eye but still cannot figure out what happened. She was with us the whole time and we don’t know if she got bit or stung by something, had an allergic reaction, or perhaps rubbed her eye and caused it since she has such sensitive skin, but never the less we decided to take the first ferry back to the main land. It was a nice short lived trip that we will have to come back and do again when the little ones are older. Families were snorkeling, kayaking, wind surfing, sailing, floating, etc. We came back and took Sienna to the pool after her noon nap. Friday: The End is Near!!!!!!!!! Mike had a successful run on the beach this morning without getting chased by any dogs. We headed to the pool early and let Sienna splash around. On the way Sienna waved to everyone and said “Hi” being that she is the mayor of the pool and must keep up her public appearances. Since she needed a nap she kept laying her head down on the float to go to sleep while she was in the pool. Her eye started to get red again. She has been in the ocean and the pool all week and we are keeping a close eye on it. She is acting fine otherwise and we have baby benadryl that we got from another mom we met at the pool just in case! Sienna is taking her noon nap and after she gets up we may let her play on the beach and then run into town to get a few things. This will be our last night here at the Oyster Bay Beach Resort. šŸ˜¦ Having a blast and can’t wait to get back…here that is. šŸ™‚

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