Friday, Saturday, and Sunday-HOME

We finished up our last evening at Oyster Bay with our evening walk down to the marina and ordered a pizza from the beach restaurant across from the Marina. We walked to the end of the pier and let Sienna pick out her favorite boat and watch the birds. Everything was “WOW”! That night Beau Beau’s Karaoke Bar was going off with singers belting out thier favorite songs as it was most likely thier last night too. Unfortunately, being that our window was right above the center stage, we got to hear thier songs that evening without having to leave the comforts of our room! Saturday. We checked out and so it began…The one day that Murphy’s Law applied to everything. We began our morning at Oyster Bay and checked out. We headed to our new hotel for our last night before we flew out on Sunday back at Divi Little Bay. We checked in to our hotel and they had a room ready for us early. We were feeling pretty lucky at this point. They gave us 3 free rum punch vouchers ( all for Mike, of course! ) and we changed into our beach gear and headed for the pool. Sienna promptly notified us and all other guests that she was not interested in the pool. We then took her to the beach and tried putting her into her little float when a gust of wind caught the top of the float like a sail and off it went! Mike had the baby in his arms and yelled for me to come and get her. I was in a skirt and had to run in the water to get Sienna as Mike channeled the olympic swimmer, Michael Phelps, and started swimming after the float. It was floating away so fast and I just knew it was headed out to sea, but alas, Mike caught it! A few people on the beach were clapping and made comments about how they did not think he was going to be able to get the float. Clearly, it was not meant to be a beach or pool day. We decide to go out and explore. Since Sienna did not have a pack and play set up for a nap, so we put her in the car and drove around. We drove to Maho Beach where the planes come in. We found a cute little beach bar and restaurant next to the beach to watch the planes. As we pulled over to the side of the road Mike accidentally hit a big curb made out of island rocks and damaged the rental car. The front fender got pushed out and up and woke Sienna up from her mini nap. She had a mini melt down in the car before we made it to the beach and when we pulled her out of the car realized that she had dumped all of the kix on the floor and in her lap. Oh, I forgot to mention that while snapping her into her carseat on the way to Maho Beach, I pinched her skin on her leg on accident and caused Sienna to scream and cry. Maho Beach was awesome. Sienna loved watching the planes coming in. There is actually a sign that warns people on the beach to beware of the jet blasts because it can cause serious injury and/or death. Still, the people line up along the fence and the beach to experience the thrill. After Maho Beach we decided to go to Pic Paridise-one of the highest points on the island. After nudging our way through traffic we manage to start climbing the steepest paved road ever! Our Toyota Yaris was barely inching along a 2 mph!!!!! Mike pulled off at an overlook before we made it to the top and we decided to take a few pics from there being that we were not sure if the car would make it any further. Upon leaving the overlook, the Yaris bottomed out and another loud SCRAPE and THUD was heard as we left. We headed back to the hotel and decided that for our last night we would go back to the place where we had our dinner on the first night, Gizmo’s. We trekked back to Divi Little Bay resort and found Gizmo with a few other restaurant patrons. Gizmo walked over to us and bit a chunk out of Sienna’s stroller wheel and then proceeded to climb up the back of our chair and have dinner with us. Sienna and I moved to another chair and watched Gizmo as he started his advance towards our food. He walked up to Michaels empty plate of chicken wings and picked up a drummy bone and started chewing on it! It was time for Gizmo to go! We headed back that night and tried to get Sienna to go to bed. After several attempts and a few meltdowns later, she finally hit the sack….and so did we! Sunday. Our last day in paradise. We had brunch on the patio of the hotel overlooking the bay. We said good bye and headed back to Maho Beach for one last look at the planes coming in and then headed to the airport. That was the longest flight of our lives! Sienna had a melt down, we were squished in the back of the plane, we had a Yanni look alike who smelled of bad body odor sit next to us and kept applying the worst smelling hand lotion and eating powder out of a bag with a small cup, two Germans infront of us that put their seats completely in the recline position and….no nap! Sienna had been up since 6am! No mid morning nap, no afternoon nap. No, she did not sleep until almost ten P.M.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The people around us were drinking heavily, most likely to calm thier nerves from our little screaming baby. We made it home…..sweet home…


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