First Weatherly National Lampoon’s European Family Vacation!!!

Well, we made it via CONDOR AIRLINES! THE HOTEST AIRLINE EVER…literally! Hopefully we will get some AC on the way back! We arrived yesterday in Frankfurt, Germany and promptly got on the train to Freiburg, Germany.  We made it, checked in, and took a nap! We totally lucked out with a great B&B that has a kitten as their mascot named WHISKEY! Sienna LOVES Whiskey ( the cat ) and the kittly loves her! We woke up around 4pm and headed into the old town of Freiburg which sits on the edge of the black forest. We freshened up and headed into town, found the crocodile in the lake, had dinner at a local brewery, visited an old church, had ice cream, and then headed back to our room and CRASHED!!!

Today we woke up and had breakfast at a local backerei. We then found a Saturday fresh local market and got some blueberries, cheese, and grapes for the little ones for the train ride. Not to meniton the 2 flowers for Sienna since she loves flowers so much! From there we decided to go to Triberg, Germany to visit the world’s oldest cuckoo clock…Yes…I made my husband and children do it again with me. I can honestly say that I can never go again and will be alright. Realized that we walked approximatley 6 miles both ways ( UP HILL BOTH WAYS!!! And I still can’t figure out how that is geographically possible ) We arrived at our destination….At leat the kids got to play on a wooden tractor and we got to pound 2 bottles of water.  Lunch was great-great beer-great food-great views!.  We made it back to Freiburg and had dinner and a bottle of wine and will be heading out to Lake Como, Italy tomorrow!

While I am typing this at 10pm at night as my husband went out for a wine run: You know you are married and in love when your husband returns with: A bottle of wine, 2 tolberone chocolates and a Lindt bar and pampers and wipes!!!!!!!!!!!! Mi Amore!!!!

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