Lake Como, Italy….We made it!!!!

After getting a late start in the morning we finally made it to the train station. Two train change overs and two countries later, we arrived in Italy. The kids got a little stir crazy but we did our best to keep them occupied for the 5 hour trek.  We stopped and had pizza at one of the stations as we waited for our next train and let the kids stretch their legs a bit.  We got to see Switzerland on the way to Italy and all of its beautiful glacial lakes, waterfalls, forests, and snow capped mountains.  Mylan gets so excited when he sees something new and makes the cutest facial expressions. The hand goes up and he points with his pudgy pointer finger at the window and saw Ohhhhhhhh with wide eyes and a little monkey mouth.

Our hotel is not too far from the lake and since we got in later than expected and due to lack of naps, decided to call it a night. Tomorrow we plan on getting up early to get breakfast and tour the lake. Hopefully, we will run into George Clooney and he will invite us to hang out with him at his private villa. Fingers crossed!!! Good night!

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