Lake Como…Put a fork in us, we are DONE!

We still can’t figure out if we wore the kids out or if they wore us out, but regardless of who wore who out, we were DONE by the end of the day. I am pretty sure we walked a total of 4 miles today…at the least.  We started our day off early and walked all the way to the train station to get down to the lakeside. Luckily, we met a nice lady from London who just moved to Como and gave us a bunch of helpful tips of where to go and what to see. We arrived and quickly set out on our mission to explore the lake. We were able to book a yacht ( AKA a ferry ) and take a nice tour of the lake sipping on the finest bubbly ( carbonated water ).  The kids absolutely loved riding the boat. Each one chose a side of the boat to sit on. Mylan was laughing at the wind blowing in his hair and was shaking his head like he was dancing. They both finally fell asleep and the boat ride was over. Soooooo from there we decided to go up in a funicular to the top of the mountain next to the lake.  This funicular is like a giant ski lift that can hold about 20-30 people and shoots you almost straight up along the mountain. We got some great shots of the lake and let the kids run around in a piazza.  Mylan caught the attention of Nona Gia, a very old Italian woman who said she had 11 children and 31 grandchildren 13 neices and 11 nephews-per Michael’s translation skills. She kept taking his hand and tickling his cheek. He loved the attention, of course. We had lunch at a local restaurant that over looked the lake. Antonio, the owner, encouraged us to try his wine and beer that he made himself as well as all the fresh food he prepares on the spot. Antonio did not let us down-the risotto was on point and so was the lasagna. The beer and wine were good too. Perfecto Antonio!

We headed back down the mountain and tried to find a place for the kids to go swimming but apparently that would mean an hour wait for the next bus and then a 20 minute bus ride. Mike and I looked at each other and opted to not be gluttons for punishment since the kids were approaching dinner time ( and on the cusp of meltdowns from being so tired ).  They settled for their first taste of gelato instead and literally inhaled it in about 2 minutes. 

They got to run around the basilica for a few minutes before we headed back to the hotel. We freshened up and then went to a kids park a block from the hotel. I did not realize Chicco was an Italian brand until today, but now I know! The kids park was at a huge Chicco warehouse/store. This place had a huge area filled with balls and slides for the kids to slide into, a merry go round, a race track with little cars for kids, etc. Sienna threw a ball and a little boy chased after it and gave it to her. We didn’t think much of it but on the way back to the hotel she said ” That boy was sweet. He got my ball for me. He was really sweet”.  Look out Noah!

So they ate, and they slept and we are right behind them. Ciao Como!

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  1. Terri H says:

    You two are amazing, no seriously,AMAZING!!! Toting two beautiful babies around Europe, going here, getting there….and being nice enough to keep your blog up to date!! Will you adopt ME???? So happy to be able to share your adventure from my Lazyboy chair in VA! Next time, we wanna come along 🙂 Love ya, go have some more FUN!!!


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