Our last day in Venice

Since we got such a late start yesterday we were determined to get up VERY early and be the first ones at breakfast so we could hit the ground running. We got the kids up and out and headed for the Rialto to try and score some pictures of us before the throngs of tourists arrived. We succeeded and went on to check out the market. Sienna absolutely loved all of the live crabs and lobsters and thought that all of the fish were sleeping on soap.  We let her think that and she continued to have conversations with all of the fish, crabs, mussels, etc. We bought some fruit for a snack later on and then let the kids play in the piazza next to the fish market. Everything was great until I noticed a dead pigeon just a few feet away from where the kids were. Thankfully they did not see it and we hurried up and headed out and to St. Mark’s square. We let Sienna and Mylan run around a little bit more and tried to get a few more family shots. It is very hard to get all four of us to look at the camera at the same exact moment let alone smiling for the shot…Our goal for the day was to get at least one good family photo and to do that meant asking every one around us to snap a pic of us whenever we had the chance. We figured our odds would increase this way. We went down by the Grand Canal and watched the boats before we grabbed a few slices of pizza for lunch and ate them on the side of the street before putting the kids down for a nap.
When they woke up we walked over the bridge of Academia, took the vaporetto over to St. Mark’s Square again, and went on the hunt for a gondolier. We first went down the back of St. Mark’s Square but the lines were ridiculous so we went to the front of the square by the Grand Canal. We approached a gondola service area and spoke to a gondolier. He said he would charge us $160 Euro for the grand tour. Once Mike advised that this was not our first time on a gondola and we were able to get the price down and we actually ended up having the best tour. The kids had a good time and he actually got the shot of the day! All of us were smiling in it and it was infront of the Rialto. Our gondolier’s name was Giaco and he had been working as a gondolier for 22 years. After the tour we decided to head back and have dinner in our room. After all, we could watch the gondola’s go by and keep the kids in check. Mike grabbed some sandwhiches and some drinks and we opened the windows and had dinner. It was a nice way to end the evening. P.S. I have been introduced to bellini’s and LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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