Finishing up in Europe….from last September/October (2012). And on to Ireland (Oct. 2013)!!!

Well, here we are again, a year later and just finishing up a Euro Blog that actually ended over a year ago. We think it might be that whole…don’t want the trip to end thing. Considering we just booked tickets for Ireland just a few short days ago (completely last minute) and are actually leaving tomorrow, we figured it was time to wrap up the Euro Trip from last year. We have had plenty of adventures sandwiched in between these two, but for some reason when it comes to the Blog, we have that “go big, or go home” mentality. We always talk about how much we slack about keeping this thing up, but when you factor in the actual travel itself, the picture taking, sorting of and saving of said pictures, constantly chasing down two little short people and then actually enjoying the trip for all it’s worth, the blog seems to take a back seat most of the time. So blog-o-sphere and bloggers we salute you for being able to keep up with these things. Heck, I (Mike) don’t even have a Facebook page. I refuse!

Anyway, wrapping up the Europe trip from last September and cruising into the Ireland adventure awaiting us, here are a few notes and pics from the end of the kids first Euro Trip (2012).

From Venice to Augsburg/Munich, then back to Frankfurt and Home

From Venice we took the train through Italy and up to Germany. We got a little bit smarter on this trip (our now 3rd trip to Oktoberfest, 1st for the kids 🙂 and decided to try and find a little town outside of Munich. Munich as you can imagine is crazy around this time of year. We found the greatest spot, Augsburg, only about a 25 mins. train ride outside of Munich with a train every 20 mins. or so with direct access to downtown Munich, and a short walk away from the heart of Oktoberfest. We ended up making it to the opening day parade where the kids got flags and candies and the parents got to partake in a few ‘beverages’. It was a blast and we were sad to go, but all things must come to end….well sort of. After a few days in and around Munich we headed back up to Frankfurt and then Home! (Some picks from Oktoberfest and the end of the trip are below).

And now, here we are, one short year later with bags packed..ready for our new adventure, IRELAND! A first not only for Sienna and Mylan, but for Cierra and Michael as well. Stay tuned fam and friends for Ireland pics and posts. We will try to hop on as much as we can. And of course we will actually try our best to close the blog out at the end of the trip this time….well maybe….there is always a next time when it comes to the Crazy Weatherly’s Travels!!!

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