ORF to JFK to DUB! Dublin, Ireland!

Getting ready to turn in for the night on Day 1. Dude, Ireland is awesome!!!!! The kids are a hit and the people are so friendly. At dinner at a pub on O’Connell Street tonight a guy at the bar said “give me another pint of Guinness and one of ‘dem ‘dere hats” (read in Irish accent) and pointed to Mylans cap. The cap and kids as everywhere in the world are a door opener to a warm welcome and friendly conversation. The kids and Cierra are out….my turn. 🙂 zzzzz


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  1. Terri H says:

    OMG!!! Sounds like once again the Weatherly's are having a blast exploring new and exciting places and people! So glad to hear of your adventures and excited to hear more. I love the pictures, you guys sure do cover a lot of ground!! Have fun!!!!


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