Dublin..then North to Trim, then South to Kilkenny

Aunt Terri, you are right, we certainly do cover a lot of ground. We had a whole post typed up last night and Cierra’s pc died right when we were about to hit the submit button, so this will be the abridged version to get us caught up back today.

We woke up in Dublin having slept in. We had to physically shake the kids to wake them up. Over breakfast we were trying to remember if we had ever had to do that before. At home, they wake us up, on vacation when we want to see all the sights and sounds the country has to offer, we have to wake them up…go figure!!!

After renting a car and making our way out of Dublin City, it took a while to get used to not only driving on the other side of the road (thank goodness we had practice last year on Grand Cayman Island), but we had the added difficulty of driving manual with a  left hand. That was tricky, but after a few hours I felt like an old pro. We headed north to Trim and Trim Castle. It was well preserved and certainly worth the hour trip out of our way. The kids explored the grounds and we had our first chance of letting them run free and wild in the open green fields of Ireland. It was every bit of what you see on the postcards and in the movies. On one of our walks between castles, an older gentlemen remarked, “It’s a lovely day isn’t it…ah to be young again!” He tipped his cap at Mylan and Sienna and was about his way. It was a moment that stood still in time and will be one that we will always remember.

After lunch in Trim, we headed south to Kilkenny. The kids napped in the car and Cierra and I were happy to have silence as we jammed out to Irish folks tunes on the radio. After checking into our BnB that we had just booked the night before, we headed into the city center of Kilkenny. Again, the kids were drawn like a magnet to the Kilkenny Castle Park, where they played and made new friends. We explored the Castle grounds, promised to come back tomorrow and headed back into the main square for dinner.

We had 14th century food at Kytler’s Inn (established in 1324) where we had traditional fare and sang and danced to traditional Irish music while watching a show. After a long day and a lot of travel, we headed home to call it a night. We were looking forward to that traditional Irish breakfast in the morning and the many adventures that awaited us for tomorrow!


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  1. Terri H says:

    I'm so glad that I checked my email and saw that you had posted more fun!! Once again, the adventurers have conquered yet another country!! So happy to hear you all are having a blast 🙂 Mike, you are truly a brave soul to not only take on driving on the other side of the road but to drive stick as well, come on, how many times have you grabbed the door handle instead of the stick shift?? You are a true trooper! The kids look so happy running around and exploring, what great memories you are making!! If you come across the blarney stone, kiss it for me! Continue having a BLAST, love you all!!! aunt Terri


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