The Breathtaking, Historic and Awe Inspiring…Ring of Kerry

Too much to put in the title on the Ring and these are only the main cities but….

and finally back to…Killarney

Yeah….it was a long, breathtaking and amazing day!!!

We got up very early, had another gigantic breakfast and then headed out of Killarney to the first stop on the Ring of Kerry (Killorglin). According to most locals, it takes about 5 hours to circle the Ring of Kerry, if you really take in the sights and take your time. After breezing through the first few towns, we were on pace for the Weatherly Dash at a pace of about 2.5 hours so we decided to sloooowww it down a lot. We ended up really taking our time, stopping about every 30 minutes or so and ended up making the loop in just over 8 hours. The kids were perfect for the entire trip and it was an overall enjoyable day. There were castles, beaches, old churches, mist, beaming sunshine, rolling green hills, sheep, rocky bluffs, craggy cliffside views, swooping seagulls and birds of every shape, color and size…and warm smiles from friendly villagers.

The pictures alone tell the story of the Ring of Kerry! Long story short, it was something the Weatherly Family will never forget and something that we truly look forward to seeing again. The pictures do not do the Ring justice and the publicity is not overstated. This is a sight that all should see before moving on to the clouds and heavens that surround the rocky mountain tops of the Ring itself.






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