2013 Ireland Wrap-Up and 2014 Pre-Eurotour Packing

Seems like we can never quite finish a trip blog, as mentioned on previous Euro tours, it’s probably because we never want the trip to officially end. Below are a few of the last day pics from October 2013 from our Ireland Adventure. Long story, short, it ended up being a beautiful day after raining for only about 1 hour in the early morning. The only rain we saw for the entire trip..this is still Ireland we are talking about here! The Irish people we met said if we bring weather like that with us every time we come, we are more than welcome. We started the morning with a royal breakfast in the formal dining room, felt totally out of place….yet rocked it! I got in 9 holes of golf right there on the grounds of Dromoland Castle, which was amazing. The famous 7th hole, par 3 and view of the castle was worth every penny. With clubs, only $45 for the 9 holes, everything included, seemed like a no-brainer. Meanwhile, Cierra took the kids all over the grounds of Dromoland Castle, they ended up being the stars every where they went, fed the ducks and swans, climbed the towers, ran the fields, talked to the trained birds, and met friends everywhere Cierra turned. We had an outstanding day, capped off by our final night and an Ireland royal feast. That night, snug in our beds, we envisioned castles, horses, rolling green hills and Guinness dancing in our heads. It was time to go home, and now here we are less than one year later, and it’s time to go back.

Today, we head back to Europe, this time for work and a little bit of fun for 3 months.There have been plenty of Weatherly Adventures between Ireland and today, a Caribbean Cruise, trips to Baltimore, Washington DC, the mountain house, etc., etc., yet somehow they never seem to land here on the Weatherly Travels blog. For some reason, the Euro Trips always find there way here though. Cierra and I always say we feel bad, because this blog is so much fun, and we love to write and post pictures, yet somehow we always find ourselves getting caught up in and living in the pictures vice posting and sharing them. We hope to change that soon, as I write and laugh, because we’ve said that on plenty of occasions. Hopefully the longer stint in Europe this time, just under 90 days will be a springboard to posting more often when we get back stateside..well maybe. And perhaps this time we might actually wrap-up the EuroTrip after its over instead of waiting 6-12 months to finish one journey before starting another. Well, here’s to dreaming! 🙂 – The Weatherlys

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