Mission Impossible…Wear Two Toddlers Out…Mission Accomplished

Mission for today, if we so choose to accept (and we did)…was to wear these kids down and get them use to EU time….mission accomplished! Boom, it’s Friday night (our time) and two little children are passed out snug in their beads, while Mommy and Daddy have a Luxembourg Riesling, Timmerman’s Lambicus and Chocolate Truffles swimming in our heads. 🙂

Plan for the day: We woke up and had one thing in mind….wear these kids down! How best to do that? Turn the wild animals loose! With a map in hand and plan in mind, we set off on adventure. We reconquered the metro, now with a sense of purpose and more importantly direction and headed to the biggest park we could find on our map (Parc du Cinquantenaire) where we found the Belgian version of the Arc de Trimpohe and epicenter of the European Union.

We let the kids picnic, run, play tag, roll down hills, climb, jump and everything pretty short of swimming in the fountains to get energy out, and it worked. They were dozing off on the metro on the way back home. On arriving back at Avenue de Parc and with 10 Euro each from US neighbors Woody and Mary, we let them pick out toys at the local St. Gilles toy store. It was interesting watching a 3 and 4 year old discover the beauty of opportunity costs and the good ol’ dollar (in this case Euro).

After a fun filled day of metro riding and park running, we retired home for the evening, made dinner, gave the lil’ ones a bath and put them in bed. And they were done, done, done, done! Back on track, oh yeah!

Tomorrow……we are checking out the annual Comic Book Balloon Parade (Brussel’s version of the New York – Macy’s Holiday Parade…check out this link

and yet at the same time, the Belgian Beer Festival…check out this link

Tomorrow is going to be a blast, many more marvelous pictures on deck!!!

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