Continued from 9/16/14 Celebrating Our 8 Year Wedding Anniversary

This week Mike is working during the week and since I am not brave enough to conquer the metro system alone ( due to my lack of direction ) I have opted for the nearby park. The past two days have been: PARK, LUNCH, LESSONS, NAP, SEAN THE SHEEP, and then by then Mike is home. This morning on our way to the park we met a very old woman. I have no idea what she was saying ( since I do not speak nor understand much French ) but the kids made her day by giving her a kiss on the cheek. We continued on to the park where, like the day before, we found a grassy hill and had relay races up and down and up and down and so on and so forth until all of their energy was drained haha! Our plan does work! We also met a black lab named Nelson and the kids had fun throwing a tennis ball and playing fetch.  Both yesterday and today were in the high 70’s and gorgeous! Oh, I forgot to mention that I took the kids all the way down to the store by myself to get a few things for our anniversary dinner this evening. We made it through after a few eye glares and threats that they will not get to watch Sean the Sheep ever again.
Sienna is really picking up on her writing and today wrote Nona, Gammy, No, and Dad.  I feel pretty good that my home schooling is actually paying off with them. Mylan is also doing well and likes to learn from the workbook we brought.
Monday night Mike found out about a holiday that the city celebrates once a year where no cars are allowed to drive in the city, all public transportation is free, and everyone walks to the Grotte Markt for a celebration. That day happens to be this Sunday so we will have to report back to you with how that went. THE STROLLERS WILL BE COMING WITH US ON THIS JOURNEY! Other than that we are thinking about going to Paris and Dinant this weekend with the short ones. The weather will play a big role in what we end up doing.
Last night we celebrated our 8 year anniversary. Since it is just us with the kids we decided to have a quiet dinner at the apartment after the little ones went to sleep. In addition to the special trip to the grocery store to get a few things to make a nice dinner I also made a card out of grid paper we had and drew stick people with hearts. Sienna wanted to make her own anniversary card so she proceeded to draw one with the atomium and a few other things. I was pretty impressed.  She them presented Mike and I with anniversary stickers for our hands and they sang a random song.  Mike brought home some beautiful roses on his way back from work AND some chocolate and vino. This momma was happy.  Dinner was cooked and served: caprese for appetizers and basil pesto tortellini in a homemade garlic cream sauce with capers, onions, and tomatoes topped with seasoned chicken. I can’t believe it has been 8 years already but they have truly been the greatest and I feel so blessed that my husband is also my best friend.
Lastly, we booked a few of our next stops after we leave Belgium. Hint: sunshine, blue, vino….

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  1. Chris Just says:

    Happy Anniversary, guys! Loving the posts!


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