Le Parc. Who Let The Dogs Out!??!??

Just a recap of yesterday, I took the kids to le parc again but this time we stayed for a loooong time. I ran them up and down the hill, made them hike up to the old chateau ( which is a photography school ) and then back to the green hill. The kids “saved” the worlds biggest slug by moving him into the shade so he wouldn’t dry out like the worms back home. Sienna wanted to bring it with her but that wasn’t going to happen. That slug was at least 5 inches long…Anyways, when we were done watching the slug for 15 minutes we turned around and saw our black lab friend, Nelson. He was back at the park with his owner.  We waved and the kids ran to Nelson and Nelson ran to the kids. Ahhh yes, entertainment for the three of them. The owner was very nice and let the kids play with his tennis ball and a dog ball launcher thing. One time the kids launched the ball into the woods next to the big green grassy hill area.  Nelson ran back there to get it and behind the trees there was a dirt path. I could see a tall, thin, shaggy haired creepy guy lurking back there and realized he was watching us.  CREEPY!!!!!!!!! When Nelson ran up to him he lurched away for a second but kept standing there. It looked like he had a small guitar or something like that in his hand. He clearly had something wrong with him mentally and it freaked me out that he was just standing there hiding behind the trees watching us.  Luckily I got Nelson and the kids were with Nelsons owner away from the trees, a nice older gentleman from Belgium.  I went back and told him to keep a look out.  Eventually the guy continued up the path but that was a bit creeeeeppppy.

Today we went to the store again and then headed to the park.  Sienna drew Nelson a picture for his upcoming birthday ( his owner told us his birthday was coming up next week ) so Sienna wanted to make him a card. I brought my camera to get some pictures of our new friends as it seems we are on the same schedule. Nelson’s owner ( Mr. Oliver ) and I both bring the kids and Nelson between 10-12 to the same grassy area. This works out for both of us because the kids run around and play with Nelson and vice versa.  It is a win-win situation and they all get some exercise. We met another dog and owner today as well. Fido ( pronounced Feedo ) is apparently best buds with Nelson. His owner was a nice older lady who also spoke English so we all let the kids play with the dogs. Sienna gave her card/picture to Mr. Oliver and he was very happy to have it for Nelson. I am sure we will see the both of them and Fido every day that it doesn’t rain next week. As for tomorrow, it looks like it is down to either Paris or Dinant, Belgium. It is supposed to rain Saturday and Sunday.

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