Marseille, France

Made it safe to Marseille, France. Rainy day on arrival but we made the best of it by grocery shopping and cooking up a wonderful dinner of steak, handmade mashed potatoes and veggies. It was a loooonnnggg train ride from Brussels, but the kids were great….well….ok, for the most part. Actually they did really well. We rewarded them with a local chocolate (made from French truffles of course). The good thing about the long train ride was that I was able to do a massive amount of work. We plan on work/resting here for a few days before moving on to the famous international boat shot in Genoa, Italy where we will be staying on a boat for the majority of the week…which the kids will not stop talking about. Sometime in the next few days, we hope to venture into the countryside and visit Aix en Provence. Hopefully, a wonderful adventure awaits Weatherly Travels there.

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