We’re On a Boat (Genova, Italy)

Safe and sound in Genova, Italy and staying on a boat right beside the biggest aquarium in Europe and behind a pirate ship we are seriously considering boarding and taking out to sea while here.

We met Mikael (our wonderful host) at the marina and he showed us to his sail boat. It was just one slip away from the Neptune, and huge replica of a Spanish galleon.
Check this link out!!! ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neptune_(galleon).

We boarded our ship and unloaded our bags. Mikael was kind enough to leave us a few goodies like warm, fresh, focaccia bread drizzled in olive oil, water, cookies for the children and juice. We decided to take it easy and Mike went out to grab some groceries and a pizza for dinner. We all crashed that night but not before we had a glass of our French wine first topside on our boatel for a few days!

P.S. – learning to shower on a sail boat was quite…interesting. I think my best time is 3 minutes!

Great pics coming soon – going to have to wait until we have better internet! Bandwidth is shrinking the farther east we move.


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