Breakfast in Italy, Lunch in Austria, Dinner in Slovenia (Now that’s dining in style)

The evening before, we pretty much had zero plan going in to today. With a few days of fun time in between work, we opted for a flexible schedule at this juncture. Flexible is good, but when you are dealing with the Weatherly Travels, flexible can end in all kinds of crazy ways. And as usual, it did. We decided at midnight last night, that we would take a train to Udine, Italy a bus to Villach, Austria and then try to rent a car…a plan outline at least. From there…who knows, maybe Slovenia or even Croatia. Before the day was over we would have breakfast in Italy, lunch in Austria and dinner in Slovenia. Yes, I know this is random but that’s how we roll. None of this was planned by the way. 

Mike and I grabbed some lunch in Villach after a good 2 mile walk from the train station. Mike then decided to go find a car rental place. He managed to find a place that was closed, somehow with a worker in it. Not only that, but the car rental place was out of cars, but someone returned one just as he was sitting with the worker who wasn’t even supposed to be there because it was supposed to be closed. Additionally, the guy through in 2 free kid car seats. 5 days and all that for under $200. Go Europcar! Of course, Mike has the best luck. Europcar did not have a GPS so we decided to just buy one from the Villach Forestinger (figuring it would be well worth the investment) and before we knew it, were in Bled, Slovenia an hour later. The drive to Bled was gorgeous! The mountains were so big that you couldn’t see them due to the cloud cover. There were gorges, glacial streams, and the trees were changing color. We passed old villages, vineyards, racks drying hay and of course locals, cows, goats, sheep and farms. 

When we arrived to Lake Bled, it was everything it was cracked up to be. Incredible! The lake had crystal clear aqua colored water, the island with the church looked like something from a dream and the castle on the cliff and the church!?!?! I was in a living postcard for sure. Mike quickly found a hotel that actually had a kids room, a pool, grand buffet breakfast, free check-in stew and beer and a million dollar view of both the island and the church! Luck again I guess. We had a quick dinner and then walked around the boardwalk to see everything at night. It was very serene and calm..sigh…we put the kids to bed and started planning for the next day. As for today, 3 countries in one day and a cushy landing in a semi-posh hotel, not bad for no plan to start the day!

Lake Bled:

By the way, Lake Bled is only 1 hour from Villach, Austria, where we got our rental car.





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