Vienna (Austria) to Prague (Czech Republic)

Half way to Prague from the day before and still with a lot of track ahead of us, we opted for the early exit of Vienna. We would be back in less than a week, so there would hopefully be some time for sightseeing later. The trip for Cierra, Sienna and I went well. For Mylan, well not so much. He was in “twin tornado mode” as I call it, except the other twin (Sienna) was very calm for once. Not even sure what started the whole temper tantrum, but he went over the edge when his sister was rewarded with a few Gummy Bears for being good. That…set…him…off!!! It was crying, thrashing, screaming “Gummy Bear” over and over again and finally after what seemed like forever, resulted in him passing out.

On arriving in Prague, we checked in with our AirBnB host, just minutes from the train station and then proceeded to make our way downtown to our house. Good news, our place was right in the heart of Prague near the city center and famous clock tower. Bad news, it was about a 20 minute walk from the train station with our backpacks after a long train ride. Sometimes, on our travels I wish we had a film crew that followed us around, because we seriously could have our own show and this adventure would have been an instant classic….

So…at first I was walking with Sienna and my bag. We seriously started to outpace Cierra and Mylan, so I thought maybe Mylan was getting tired. So I switched kids to give him some pep in his step. A few minutes later, looked back and we had outpaced now Cierra and Sienna. O.K., so it’s mommy that is tired. O.K., cool, I’ll just offload some of her payload. I tried to convince Cierra to give me her bag but she was being stubborn. Sweet..actually..because she was concerned that I already had too much stuff….now both kids, my green bag and our Swiss Army black backpack carrying all of the electronics. This stop and go, stop and go went on for a little while longer before finally, Cierra relented and gave me her big blue backpack. Now it was daddy with all bags and both kids and mommy with well…mommy. The last 5 minutes or so was I’m sure a sight to see. I looked like Robocop walking down the twisty Prague streets with everything we owned either on my back, my side and my front…and the two most important things in our lives holding my hands. Luckily, the directions were great and we made our way right to the apartment and crashed. As we entered the house and I dropped all of our baggage, Cierra looked at me and said one of our most famous lines…”What is wrong with you, you are a freak of nature”. My reply, as always, simply a laugh.

After getting settled in, we decided to quickly reconquer the old town. Last time we were here, we were pregnant with Sienna, so it had been about 5 years. We walked right to the city square to check out the old clock tower and church, through the narrow streets to the river with a nice view of the Charles Bridge and Prague Castle. Saving those last two for our friend Jamie’s visit in a few days, we instead headed east and found an outstanding hill with a view of the entire city. That view didn’t come without some work, as we climbed numerous steps. It felt like Corniglia, Italy all over again! The kids were rewarded with an amazing park, including a rock climbing wall and by far, the best kid’s zipline I’ve ever seen. We took in the park, the local biergarten and had dinner in a restaurant on the hill as the sun set over Prague. Another crazy morning followed by a serene evening…that seems to be a trend! 

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