Prague (Midieval Bands, Meat & More Ziplining)

Today – I was back to work, but Cierra had the opportunity to take the kids on a nice tour of the city. Again, we haven’t been in Prague since we were pregnant with Sienna, so it’s been quiet some time.

Cierra had a great day with the kids that included the cool yet somewhat creepy street performers in the square(s) and side streets.

Some were painted silver, some gold, some dressed as pirates, some playing every instrument possible and some turning things you would have never thought could be an instrument…well into something that actually plays music. What took the cake for the day however, was a Medieval Band playing bagpipes, flutes, guitars and various other instruments dressed in viking-warlock-monk-i don’t even know how to explain it costumes. The kids were impressed…and yet somewhat freaked out at the same time. Needless to say, Cierra wore them out hiking across the Charles Bridge, up the foothills to the Prague Castle entrance and then down winding streets before coming home and calling it quit for nap time.

It was a long day, but after I got home, they were ripping and ready for some more, so we took them back to the park…high on the hill and let them run free like wild animals released from captivity. The park is great and once again they couldn’t get enough of the zip line. This is now the third zip line we’ve encountered on this journey, but this one by far takes the cake. Seriously, as an adult I could see myself having a good time on this thing. I would almost consider it borderline ‘not safe’ for children, but no worries, we were there spotting them every step of the way, and there was of course the sand below to swallow all children on crash landings. We ended the evening by heading back to the house, paying for a slab of overpriced meat in the town square, two over sized sausages, a huge helping of Czech potatoes, two beers and a water for the kids. All for less than 500 dollars (in CZ money that is).

So, at the end of the day, it was…well…the title pretty much summed it up…medieval bands, meat and more zip lining! Love this adventure!

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