Prague (Mysterious Yet Transparent)

Prague – an enchanting city….

Mysterious yet transparent, at every dark corner there seems to be a tale that has yet to be told or one that has been forgotten and is ready to be discovered. A city cloaked in mystery, yet at the same time bearing all she has to offer. Don’t get me wrong….Brussels is a cool town, great beer, extravagant chocolate, and the epicenter of the European Union and gateway to all the EU has to offer. We had a great time there, it was a whole month, but there is just something about Prague.

Cierra and I both feel it, and apparently so does every young person in America and the Western World. Tons of tourists, throngs of intoxicated kids running up and down the streets signing and laughing day and night. But, it’s something else we just can’t put a finger on…and it’s a good something. There seems to be a new and different restaurant you’d like to try every time you turn around, a dark and twisting alleyway begging to be explored, or another Gothic castle, church or even just plain building that stands dark, upright and glorious…as if never touched by time.

Clearly, the kids feel it as well. Cierra explained to Sienna today that whenever you see someone walking down the street holding something high in the air (a fan, umbrella, large stick, etc.) that it is more than likely a tourist group. Be wary in that a large group of people will be following that person and stick, umbrella, large stick, etc. she warned. Those are the tourist. About an hour later after another tour of the town while I was at work, Cierra and the kids were walking through the main square near the famous clock tower and church. Out of nowhere and in a California Valley accent, Sienna looked at Cierra, pointed across the square and said, “Oh no, oh great, oh no mommy…here comes another group of those tourist. What is up with all these tourist?!?!”, she exclaimed.

Like Prague was her hometown and these so-called ‘tourists’ were invading her space. Maybe it is, certainly does feel somewhat that way. Gotta to love it when a 4 year old can put things so easily into perspective!

Prague has a lot to offer, and although we had a fun time in Brussels and the surrounding towns during our time there, we certainly wish we had more time to explore Prague and all of its many secrets! But as with all of life, time is running out and with only 1 day left, it will soon be time to set out once again!

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