Prague (The Welcoming of Aunt Jamie!)

So, with the arrival of one of my best friends and the lack of internet connection and the face that I broke my PC, we have neglected our blog for the past few weeks. My apologies for the unedited pictures but at least you can still where we have been.
In a flurry of stress and haste I accidentally tripped over my computer cord, sending my computer crashing to the ground leaving it inoperable. I can only hope that the information and pictures can be salvaged.
We picked up Jamie from the airport and quickly set out to show Jamie the old town square of Prague. We set out to go to a restaurant on a terrace on the side of the Prague Castle that over looked the city. Unfortunately, it was not open. We double backed and had dinner at a small place by our apartment we were renting (our 1 bedroom home in the heart of old town Prauge). Once again, Airbnb delivered. That evening, after the kids went to bed, Jamie and I set out to the square and had a few glasses of wine, dessert, and watched the square light up to techno music tunes and lights that flashed up on one of the old buildings. Mike taught class, caught up on work notes and watched the kids while mommy and Jamie had fun!

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