Nov. 1st – Tuscany with Nona

Waking up early we headed to Hertz…again. We should definitely be a Gold Member by now, or something of the sort…Hertz rapidly becoming our most convenient, favorite and most importantly cheapest rental car company in Europe. Unfortunately, as luck would have it, the rental car place in Siena was not open on this day (why…who knows…it’s Italy right). So instead we headed to the Firenze Hertz dealer and got the opportunity to travel through Siena and back to Il Canto del Sole by car, as opposed to the usual train. The drive through Tuscany did not disappoint the Nona, rolling hills of green and brown, vineyards and golden sunlight as far as the eye could see and more castles and farm animals than you could count. Nona began to easily understand why we love Toscana so much.

We arrived at Il Canto del Sole way more ahead of schedule than the 10 days prior with Jamie, we quickly got settled in and headed out into the countryside. Sightseeing included the monastery once again, Banfi vineyard and a few other stop offs for scenic Italian countryside. Nona was able to meet Laura. Unfortunately, Luciano’s mother was still not doing well, so he was by her side. Thoughts and prayers go out to the Il Canto del Sole Family. As they consider us extended family, we also consider them the same. Laura, Luciano and Marco, we wish you and your family the best during this hard and challenging time.

After a long day, we had dinner at Il Contedino, our new favorite Toscana restaurant. Not only does it have the best food in the Cuna area, it also has the best service. Our waitress, Luisa was the sweetest thing this side of the Atlantic. We had lost the kids cups and Cierra’s blue scarf somewhere between Jamie and Nona. We finally realized where, as we sat at the table and Luisa brought milk for the kids in their cups (on a silver platter no less) and Cierra’s blue scarf wrapped and I swear cleaned and pressed.

Such kindness, thoughtfulness and love…and that is just one of the many reasons of why we love and keep coming back to Tuscany!

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