Nov. 2nd – Siena & San Gimignano

We woke up early and had the now famous breakfast that we constantly rave about at Il Canto del Sole. Nona was very impressed, more food than you can imagine and I swear I would have drank the 4th cappuccino had they brought it. And I know they would have gave me 20 if I kept drinking them.

So good, don’t know what it is about this place, but clearly it’s something magical and keeps drawing us back. After pushing back from the table and rolling out to our car, we made our way into downtown Siena. Lessons learned from just a few weeks ago, we this time parked in the outskirts of town. No way was I driving in those city walls…every again!! After exploring the church, the piazza and every single twisting and rustic alleyway we could find we decided to head back into the Siena countryside. This was of course after the kids got some energy out on the playground and after Nona and Mommy got some shopping in!

After Siena and more Tuscan countryside driving, we decided to head for San Gimignano. We had not been to San Gimignano since BC (before children) and that was of course the beginning site of our now infamous “staying with the tour guide David, missing our train, getting saucy on some Italian very expensive red wine and homemade Italian pizza, meeting a newborn baby and mother in the Siena hospital, and crashing at our tour guide’s house” story!!! Trip this time was just as fun but not as adventurous (we’ll call it that anyway) as last time. We had lunch in the square, explored the old town and its famous towering skyline and then headed back home to get ready for what would be a long and Italian city hopping day tomorrow.

Nona…Rome and Tuscany check! And just think, we are just getting started!

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