Nov. 5th – Venice (Tracking the EU Hurricane)

The trains gave us a little bit of a fit this morning, but all is well that ends well.

After getting rerouted….a few times…and then finally making our way through Parma, we ended up on a first class express train to Venice and were finally riding in style. Nona and Mommy with Mimosas and the kids with just Orange Juice and Biscotti cookies in hand, we were loving life. However, unfortunately, we were now following/tracking the European Hurricane (as we have now dubbed it) across Italy and towards Venice. The train rides were amazing as we watched overflowing rivers rush across and flood the Italian countryside. Apparently, all of Europe was under the umbrella of this thing. Crazy weather!

After making it into Venice (for the 3rd time this trip), we checked into the same hotel that we had stayed at with Jamie (Marriott on the topside of the fish). This trip to Venice would be interesting in that there were flood warnings, sirens and massive amounts of rain. We have been to Venice on several occasions, but had never seen it like this before! What an experience! Although the rain eased off, the waves and flooding did not. Platforms were constructed for walking everywhere and people were scurrying around with boots and brushes trying to move, clear and prevent water from coming in to the city from every angle possible. Taking a free taxi service (boat of course) from the hotel to Piazza San Marco, we explored the city once again with Nona, before having dinner in a local restaurant and then crashing for the evening. A new record, I think we were all asleep before 8pm!

Tomorrow’s weather report, more rain and a flooding Venice, but who cares, we’re checking it out anyway! This is going to be a blast!!!!

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