Oct. 22nd – Hello Tuscany!

We woke up the next day, said goodbye to Venice and headed for Tuscany! We got our car from Hertz and headed to Il Canto Del Sole. We pulled up and Mike and Jamie went out to check in. 

Luciano saw me with the kids in the car and came right over. Hugs and kisses were exchanged. We unpacked and then he promptly brought out 2 bottles of wine. One red and one white, of course. The white was the wine he had made himself, a chardonnay. The kids played in the yard and I showed Jamie the wine terrace. Luciano took all of us down to feed the horses and donkeys. The kids collected the chicken eggs, got chased by Gino the goose, and played with Alba, the black lab dog and truffle hunter. The kids had a blast! 

Luciano made reservations for us at a local restaurant and it was AWESOME! We had pecorino cheese and salami with olive oil drizzled on it and shaved truffles. We all had a great dinner and then crashed back at the villa.

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