Oct. 23rd – Daydreaming in Tuscany!

We woke up a little later that expected but who cares! We were in Italy! Tuscany of all places. We meandered into the breakfast room and had the best cappuccinos ever. Luciano helped us get a reservation at a winery for a wine tour and recommended a few places. 

We followed his advice, had lunch at his recommended abbey, wine tours and tastings at Banfi winery took a lot of great pictures and then headed back. We had dinner at a little pizza joint that we found after Mike decided to drive into the walled town of Sienna with a little coaxing from Jamie and I. Luckily, we made it out of there alive, without running anyone over and somehow without getting a single scratch on the car. Thanking our lucky stars, we had dinner, made it back to Il Canto del Sole and crashed for the evening.

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