Oct. 24th – Siena to Rome

On to Rome! We woke up with sadness in our hearts that we had to once again leave Il Canto del Sole. Luckily, we would be back in less than 2 weeks with Nona. We got up, had another excellent breakfast, chatted with Laura and Luciano and then headed to Rome after dropping off the rental car. 

We found our place and were instantly off to find the Pantheon that evening. With little time left for Jamie’s visit and so much to see, we ticked off the Pantheon, the Spanish Steps, and the Trevi Fountain. We were able to get inside the Pantheon to tour it and had a nice dinner off of a side street that evening. The food was great and even though the kids were exhausted, they were perfect over dinner. Worn out from a long travel and touring day and with so much to do and see tomorrow, we took the easy road and caught a cab back for the evening. 

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