Oct. 26th – Ciao Aunt Jamie

We dropped Jamie off at the airport. Sienna was crying-she didn’t want her Aunt Jamie to leave. Luckily she made her flight but we were cutting it close. Apparently, Europe goes on daylight savings time a week before America. News to us, and although we technically gained an hour, it somehow messed us up for the rest of the day. We skirted into the airport, rushed Jamie into line and somehow, she barely made her flight on time. 

We came back to the apartment and let the kids rest. When they got up, we took them to the park by Villa Borghese. We walked by the Castle of St. D’ Angelo, over the river and all through the park. The kids played on the playgrounds, we had lunch, and then we came back, and I made a great dinner.

PS, Our heat at the apartment hadn’t worked since day one, but after several emails and phone calls, we finally got attention from management and got it to work! Internet has also been atrocious, so apologies for the limited blogging and skinny stories. No internet, but hey, we have heat, that’s something, right. Yeah!

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