Oct. 27th – 28th Roman Haircuts & The Villa Borghese

The next day we went to the Villa Borghese once again and ran the kids. And I mean ran the mess out of them, they had an awesome nap. After the nap, we found a barber right around the corner, after a recommendation from one of our neighbors. Mike got to brush up on his Italian once again in that the barber spoke no English and Mike and Mylan got haircuts and I got the pics to prove it. Funny enough, it was probably the best haircut that either one of them have ever had. We asked the barber to move to America, but he wasn’t having it. We had gelato afterwards and then headed back to the house. That evening, Mylan dropped nuggets into the bidet. This was the last time I would let him get away with using the bidet as his personal toilet. 

Story goes like this, Sienna came running in to mommy and daddy, shouting ew, ew, ew Mylan went potty. He pooped. O.k., what’s the big deal we said, he does that everyday, pretty regular we might add. No, said Sienna, you don’t understand he pooped in the thing, come look. Yep, long story short we went in and right there in the bidet, a few nice fresh dark brown nuggets. Aw dude, Mylan come on man, not appropriate. We drew straws, mommy came up short! No more pooping in the bidet kids!

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