Oct. 29th – The Arrival of the Nona!

The Nona has arrived. We woke up at 5:30 and headed to the metro and then on to the train station. Then onto the Leonardo Express from the train station to the airport. We found Nona and whisked her back to the apartment. Wasting no time and keeping Nona up to adjust for the Euro time, we quickly set out to the Vatican and the Sistine Chapel. 

After 10 minutes in the Vatican, Nona had snapped at least 250 pictures…this was going to be a long month. How many pics would she be at by the end, we laughed, 10,000 seems to be the family guess. We tried to find the Pantheon again but got turned around and decided to have dinner instead in a quaint little piazza. We took a cab back and called it a night. 

We have the Nona, repeat, we have the Nona!

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