Oct. 31st – Halloween in Firenze – Italian Style & The Uncle David Experience

We cruised into Florence on the early train from Rome with plenty of time to explore the city. We hadn’t been to Florence in a few years. The kids remembered some of it. We wasted no time by checking into the hotel, threw our bags down and then headed out for the sites. Those sites included the Duomo, Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, the bronze doors, Piazza della Signoria and the Ponte Vecchio. After lunch, the little ones decided to go crazy and Cierra was threatening them with a nap. The craziness continued and mommy decided to follow through with the threat. “That’s it'”, shouted Cierra. “Nona and Daddy are going to see David and we are going to take a nap”. We are speaking of Michelangelo’s statue David of course.

The kids went into full meltdown mode, because they thought we were going to go see Uncle David (as in Nona’s brother back in Currituck, North Carolina). They revolted, cried about Uncle David the whole way back to the hotel, but in the end mommy won. Nona and I checked out David and the museum and then headed back to the hotel to find both kids and Cierra asleep. After a well deserved nap, we grabbed dinner and some gelato.

With it being Halloween, we trick-or-treated Italian style. Cierra was a princess and Mylan was a football star. Trick-or-treating consisted of going to a few stores, asking for candy and then hitting up the Lindt store on the main square for a choose your own adventure type candy experience. They don’t really celebrate Halloween in Florence, but we made the best of it and most importantly the kids had a blast! It was certainly a Halloween to remember. After we came down off the sugar high, we crashed for the night. Tomorrow…back into the Tuscan countryside!

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