Nov. 9th – Salzburg, Austria

We arrived in Salzburg that morning and checked into our hotel.  We started walking around the town and decided that lunch would be a good idea for our little ones. They get “hangry”. This is hungry-angry, a term coined by aunt Jamie.  We walked everywhere and ended up finding the small place that we had dinner with Steve and Victoria years before. They were an older couple we had met on a train to Austria BC ( before children ).  We had a nice lunch and then found out where Europe’s oldest restaurant was from the waiter so we could show Nona.  St. Peters Stiftskeller which has been around since around 803AD. WEBSITE:  It may also be the oldest continuously run restaurant in the world. The town was getting ready for the Christmas markets and so was the restaurant.  After exploring the Salzburg Castle we had a great dinner at St. Peters. I have to say that it is worth the $$$ ( not too expensive ) and the ambiance was awesome. They had freshly cut and decorated Christmas trees in the beer garden, each room was decorated differently and to the 9’s.  We ordered the mixed grill and a bottle of wine.  DELISH! It was a good evening for sure. I forgot to mention that right outside the restaurant is one of the most beautiful churches I have ever seen.  Breathtakingly beautiful. We managed to sneak in right before it closed.

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