Nov. 10th – Salzburg, Hallstatt, Berchtesgaden, Austrian Alps, Munchen

It was an early morning for us. We loaded the car up and headed out to the gardens in Salzburg after a good breakfast at a bakery.  From there we headed to the Alps towards Halstatt.  My grandparents have long told me about this place and we wanted to show Nona and the kids. They have an old salt mine that you can take a funicular up to and then slide down a salt slide. The town overlooks a blue lake and has tributary glacial streams running through it.  The funicular and salt mine were closed but that didn’t stop us from exploring the town. We found the little kebap shack that we had ate at years before. We got our kebap wraps, settled into a picnic table, and chowed down. We checked out the waterfall before heading back out towards Berchtesgaden.  The last time we were there was BC ( before children ) and the views were amazing. Nona wanted to see the Alps and we wanted to deliver.  Unfortunately, it was closed so we decided to drive a pass. It was getting dark early ( around 4;30pm ) and the fog was snaking down the Alps very fast.  At one point we couldn’t see anything in front of us it was so thick.  We were glad to get off the pass and we headed on to Munich.

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