Nov. 11th – Munchen, Koln, Brussels, London

Planned Itinerary – Sleeper train from Munich to Paris to London

Input one canceled Paris sleeper train via an impromptu French strike and…

Actual Itinerary – Sleeper train (sort of…) from Munich to Koln to Brussels, Belgium to London

And the story goes like this…..

We turned in our car, checked our luggage, and then walked the alstatt ( old town ) of Munich and had dinner at St. Augustine’s Braun (Brewery-Restaurant).  After dinner we hung out in a café until our night train came to whisk us off to Paris. Well, it never came. Nona noticed that the Paris night train dropped off the board. After questioning the train company they said that French trains went on strike. REALLY!!?? So no night train for us. Luckily we were able to get the 11pm train out to Koln, Germany. From Koln we would head to Brussels and from there London.  We had to sleep sitting up in a cabin with 6 seats. We laid the kids down so they could sleep and Mike and I tried our best to sleep sitting up. No easy feat. PLUS we were supposed to have 2 people hop on at 2 am but luckily they never did! What an adventure!

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