Nov. 21st – Our 1st Experience with Ryanair

When exploring all the options of how we were going to get back to Brusells from Dublin, we weighed many alternatives. Ferry boat to train(s) – how we came across and taking a flight were top of the list. Flights looked expensive but there was always Ryanair. We have heard about Ryanair for years, European low cost flight options. From our Italian tutor to fellow tourist to BnB hosts, Ryanair sounded amazing…with a few strings attached of course. The low rate airline comes at a high-price if you don’t follow the rules. On our tour around the Ring of Kerry earlier in the week, after talking to our BnB host we decided to be daring and book the tickets. After our first experience I would highly recommend the Airline, but would caution all those travelers looking to use the servicer to do your homework before making your reservation. 

There are weight restrictions on baggage so we shed some pounds from our packs (normal you would say for any other airline). Well how about getting to the airport at a certain time, having certain documentation printed in a certain way, saying the right things at the right time, having little room for leg rooms, paying for anything except air on the flight and being bombarded with the stewardesses trying to sell something every 5 minutes. From water, to magazines, to book subscriptions to lottery tickets (yes! – even lottery tickets). It was for sale. They would have sold the seats and wings of the aircraft to the highest bidder if you had deep enough pockets. We were cracking up as items for sale were paraded up and down the aisles. Truly a funny and great experience with RyanAir. Highly recommended by Weatherly Travels! Our plane landed safe in Brussels and we were…well….home again.

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