Nov. 22nd – Ghent, Belgium (Yep…Again!)

The next day we woke up, had an awesome breakfast and decided to check out Ghent….again! Yep, that’s right. Well, Nona and Grandaddy Z hadn’t been there yet. We were having a hard time deciding between Brugge and Ghent and settled on Ghent. One of the reasons was because it was a little bit closer of a train ride and all-in-all it had a little bit more to see (see Ghent post from a few months ago).

Don’t get us wrong Brugge is beautiful – Venice of North as stated in previous posts, but besides the short stroll around the town and in the square, the markets and the canal ride, there isn’t too much else to it. We were going for action packed adventure to end this Euro Trip. Ghent had all that and a little bit more, so we headed that way and had a lovely day strolling the city, storming the castle and taking in it’s many sights. Late that evening we settled back in our beds and prepared for the next day, what would be our last full day in Europe this year!

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