Nov. 23rd – Brussels & Packing

Since this was our last day in Belgium and Europe, we decided to take it easy for the day. We toured the city, checked out the Mannequins, hit our favorite spot across the street, walked the square and went to an amazing dinner down a back alleyway. Nona and Grandaddy Z bought a beautiful painting and we just roamed the majestic streets lost in an endless path of waffles, chocolates and the friendly sounds of music, and locals peaking in both the French and Dutch language.
We found a great restaurant right off the square with lobsters swimming in the windows waiting to be served and candles flickering on the tables inviting would be dinner guests in. After a scrumptious meal, a few more pints and more friendly conversation, we ventured back through the square and into the bowels of the city to take the metro back to the hotel. Last minute packing we said good night Grandaddy and Nona, tucked the kiddos in bed and snuck one more Belgium beer and Irish Coffee from downstairs before calling it quits on our last night in Europe for the trip.

Tomorrow, it would be home sweet home again.

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