Dec. 5th – 12th (Grand Illumination Week – Williamsburgh, VA)

Our newest tradition, Grand Illumination and booking a resort in Williamsburgh via Nona’s timeshare had become a new Weatherly Travel’s fan favorite. Our tradition for the Grand Illumination is over 10 years old, but booking a resort for the week and has helped extend that experience.

This year was just as fun as the last and we had a new location to experience and explore. The resort had the biggest indoor pool we’ve ever seen and the kids were loving splashing around and swimming in circles in the whirlpool, shooting hoops and diving for underwater treasures. A few trips to see Santa Claus at Yankee Candle and at Christmas Town in Busch Gardens, tours of downtown Williamsburgh, dinners with the family including Gammy, Grandma, Nona, Grandaddy Z, Chris, Kelly and baby Ronnie and the Grand Finale, the Grand Illumination were all great experiences. There is no better way to get in the Christmas Spirit than Willliamsburgh and the Grand Illumination.

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