Feb. 19th – 22nd – Wintergreen – Super Sledding & Boarding for Beers

A trip to the Mountain House with Mark, Jenn, Noah and Carissa turned into quite an adventure this weekend. We pretty much got snowed in, in that a snowstorm which left us with almost 2 feet in 24 hours shut down all roads to and from the Wintergreen area. The highlight of the trip consisted of not running out of food (we had plenty of that mind you) but beer. As Mark and I realized our provisions were running low, we decided to bear the elements and venture down to Devil’s Backbone via snowboard (me) and sled (Mark).
The trip down was amazing!!!! We actually boarded down the entire way to Devil’s Backbone. Ducking for a few pints and a bite to eat, we then filled our backpacks with 6 packs and a few growlers, before heading back up the 1 mile hike to the house. A few pit stops and beverages along the way, we trudged through snowdrifts and the ever increasing falling snow. What took less than 15 minutes to get down took more than 45 to get back up. After literally digging the cars out at the base of the driveway a few days later, we were able to brave the roads and make our way back to Virginia Beach. What a trip!!!!

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